I'm now enrolling for my 'Reimagining Your Next Chapter' program.

Is it time to pivot to a new career, time to retire, or are you looking for clarity around your next act? If you're over 50 and need career transition guidance, this program is for you.

If you or your partner are over 50 and are at a crossroads in your career or life, it’s time to take a step back and consider your options.

  • Concerned that your job is at risk?
  • Unfulfilled in your career?
  • Being asked to make a retirement decision?
  • Feeling burnt out?
  • Retired and feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in life?


If you read one of the questions above and thought “THIS IS ME”... you are not alone.

I went through this journey myself and want to support you.

You see, I was part of a corporate involuntary reduction in the workforce, and I received a “retirement package”. It sounded great…but it wasn’t!

Everyone’s path is different. It’s time to think about if it’s time to make new choices. 

Choose your own next chapter!

Do you...

  • Want to retire or change careers?
  • Even want to continue working?
  • Know what feels purposeful?
  • Want to stay on the same path or follow a new path?
  • Know your current vs. future lifestyle and financial goals?
  • What a transition phase look like?
  • What steps can be taken now vs. procrastinating?


If you don’t have a concrete answer for one or more of these looming questions, I want to hear from you. Let’s explore them together and gain clarity on what’s next. You don’t have to make these important decisions alone. After all, the decisions you make now shape the trajectory of your GOLDEN years. 

 Join me in the Reimagining Your Next Chapter Workshop to discover dreams and new purposes, uncover and dispel fears, and gain   confidence in your plan and finances surrounding your next chapter or 3rd Act!

  Explore new paths with a group of like-minded people in 3 steps:

  Step 1: Examine your thoughts, emotions, and challenges.

  Step 2: Envision your future and the stages of transition.

  Step 3: Create a plan with actionable steps. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s take this journey together! Not only will you have me as a dedicated coach by your side, but you’ll also be supported by an online community of like-minded individuals all navigating this next exciting phase of life.

Here's all the details:

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: $799.00 a $1500 value!

Start date: First week of June, 2024 

Additional program details:

  • (6) 60-minute group sessions each week
  • (2) 30-minute 1:1 Optional, Bonus Coaching sessions
  • Weekly resources provided
  • Accountability partners for momentum and change
  • Walk away with an action plan

*Minimum of 5 to run, *Pricing subject to change 

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