Success stories from Laura's clients

"Laura’s coaching has been transformative, both professionally and personally. She helped me define my goals and adopt effective leadership and interpersonal strategies in order to reach those goals. She also taught me how to address life’s many unexpected challenges as gifts and opportunities. She is great for one-on-one coaching as well as leading groups and seminars. I highly recommend Laura!"
Pamela Endreny
Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
"Working with Laura Teich has taken my business to the next level. Not only is she an amazing coach who guides you to come to your own conclusions through insightful and thoughtful questions, she is also a brilliant consultant that can bring real life tactical expertise to anyone's business. I don't know how I functioned without Laura prior to my coaching with her. I had worked with another coach before and there is no comparison - the results I have gotten with Laura in a short period of time speaks for itself. She provides notes after each meeting and holds me accountable during the week, and she is responsive if I ever check in with her mid-week. I feel like I have a champion in my corner. I highly recommend her - she is remarkable!"
Concetta Raz
Owner, Upward On
“We always hear how the answers we are looking for are within us. Laura's coaching allowed me to mine some amazing gems within myself. In the true spirit of what professional coaching is, her keen listening skills and thought-provoking questions left no stone unturned, allowing me to get to those key a-ha moments. Through self-reflection in these conversations, I gained a better sense of my confidence and a tangible structure for approaching both professional and personal goals.”
Kaeisha O’Neal
Senior Customer Success Manager
"It is difficult for me to capture in a few words my experience working with Laura. I have completely transformed my personal and professional life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Laura be a key figure in my life, and for all I learned and experienced while working together. Laura brings such patience, energy, experience and direction, challenging me, motivating me and enabling me to succeed. I've seen a profound impact in my ability to be curious in my communication style, an impact that has allowed me to grow as an individual, engage in difficult conversations, self-advocate and self-reflect. In working with Laura, I learned to trust myself to take calculated risks, to explore and challenge myself in ways I would have not otherwise. I hope all women interested in taking on a coaching experience have the opportunity to work with an executive coach like Laura."
Elizabeth Curatolo
Account Manager, Strategic Partnerships
“I was working with Laura prior to PQ with professional coaching and one of my goals was to be a better leader and to improve my empathy within myself and towards others. I would often over control meetings and bully my way to a conclusion that I wanted without meaningful engagement with my peers and team. Within a few weeks, I have had co-workers and team mention to me that I was nicer, and… It felt easier to have open conversations and people were more engaged in our meetings. By being less of a controller I became more in control! Thank you, Laura!”
David Barker
Sr. Director, Innovation
“I’ve stopped the habit of first thing in the morning going to Instagram, and instead putting on my headphones and going to the PQ app. It sets off a positive and different tone. It’s like going to the gym. I’ve noticed a change in my parenting. I’ve had more patience with my kids than I have had in a long time. I feel happier and more patient overall. I’ve seen such a difference in my focus and ability to articulate in meetings when I do PQ reps before. And the more I do the better I feel. It’s amazing the difference!”
Martha Kloko
Sr. Director Business Development
"When considering retirement from my law practice of 35 years, I thought I would need a therapist. What I really needed was a coach, and the coach I needed was Laura! She helped me confront this huge life change in a proactive, thoughtful manner, rather than passively letting it happen to me. She encouraged me to use tools and develop habits (journaling, brain boards, and PQ, to name a few) that would enable me to explore what mattered to me and determine how to get there from here. Laura was always available, professional, and compassionate, gently nudging me when needed. She was ready with constructive comments on whatever I was working on. I'm now happily retired and moving forward in a positive, constructive manner. I couldn't have gotten here without Laura's help!"
Sally Thurston
“Laura has coached me for the last quarter and has exceeded my expectations. She is patient, caring, and knowledgeable. Laura’s extensive experience leads to a truly solutions-oriented, consultative approach to sales. Her actionable advice helped me double my sales numbers in six weeks. She has gone above and beyond and she continues to be a strong support in my dream of being a top performer. Even though I have only been talking with Laura for a short time, she has had a major impact on my career. Laura is an amazing coach, salesperson, and human being.”
Dan Bond
Strategy & Sales Leader
“Using Mental Fitness techniques, I have definitely reduced levels of anxiety during stressful situations. During some of the busiest days, I walked away with an attitude of finding the positives in the day- and in a better mindset than I had in the past.”
Janet Moses
SVP Finance
"Laura is the most empowering professional coach I've had. Working with Laura has helped me take back ownership of my professional and personal development. Together we've tackled some of my greatest personal roadblocks, as well as navigated professional development to improve my confidence and productivity. It's helped me to see challenges as growth opportunities that enhance my journey, and goals as exciting personal rewards. Laura has the humility to listen, and the tenacity to keep you on track with your goals when you feel like giving up. As a Strategist by trade it's been exciting to apply Strategy to myself and reap the benefits."
Marie-Claire Manson
Senior Strategist
"Laura changed my life. As a busy mom and executive, I was feeling overextended, stressed, and had too many commitments of my time. I had to make changes in both my work and personal life. I wanted coaching, but I thought, "how am I going to add to an already crazy schedule?" I also wondered about the affordability. I made the decision to invest in myself and my success. I am way more productive, organized, and feel energized. Laura helped me get clear on my values, define my goals, and build a strategy that has had clear business results. I am more structured in my time management, and always managing my key priorities while insuring balance with my personal life while staying accountable and mindful."
Itzy Garay
Senior Executive

"An excellent coach, well versed in the methods of positive intelligence!"
Mark Shrime
Chief Medical Officer

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Schedule your free 30-minute consultation call to find out how Executive + Business Coaching can help you thrive.

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